On Stress and Ogbafemi

   About a couple of months in after your lungs have re-learnt how to break down the minty freshness only your {insert your locality here} boulevard exudes, when you start to smell like home (of course you won’t know this; others would notice), then, right then, is when it starts to sink in.

   Now, you can recall exactly where you left your smartphone and no food turns a burnt offering ever again, even when you are fixated on Telemundo or FIFA 17; your brain can handle the multitasking so seamlessly, Snapdragon would envy. Then is when you start to dole out the invectives whilst thinking of what could have been. You have been subjected to 4 plus x years of unnecessary stress and workouts (if 1000-seater to PGCLT isn’t a workout then someone should please tell me what is). You start to have wishful thinkings in the line of staying this fresh mentally whilst taking those exact courses. You never would have to fragment those Beowulf lines especially now that all of ‘Sonnet XVIII’ has magically returned to you from nowhere land. 
   What if it’s not all damnation? What if it was designed? After all, there has to be a reason for OAU graduates being marketable, COMPARATIVELY. I can’t back that last bit up with scientific data but dude have I heard tales?! even, some by non-OAU graduates who longed to be one. Some of them could even recite the OAU anthem better than I could and I am no slouch, myself. They whine about how OAU graduates always seem to have the edge during job interviews and their ilks. Perhaps, the employers know the system so well that they could vouch that an OAU 2nd class and above EARNED IT {excuse my The Weeknd reference}.(I was tempted to say all graduates, then I realised there are now various ways some bottom-feeders circumvent their way around the system.) 
    The stress, both physically and mentally, later become us. Just as needed to navigate the ‘real life,’  juggling work, family and every other things that matter. We have been used to balancing grades with religion, love-life, and our other guilty pleasures and still came out unscathed. This! So much this, is what OAU have been preparing you for. Perhaps you might want to tone down the cusses now, or not. You would, eventually, when your work mates from other systems start to call you thick-skinned because you use your leaves just the way you have planned them and incessant sick-leaves wouldn’t allow them do same.

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