Nah! Not the Nigerian State. This in my opinion is the real deal as far as chatting is concerned at the moment. Imagine: it got me writing! 🙂


Meet IMO a free chat app that you could send instant messages with (more on this later, please remind me. Thanks!), make free voice calls–that almost does not lag–on, and make SEAMLESS video calls on. Sounds all too familiar, right? Before you utter the second B in BBM, sleep on this: it is the definition of instant.
Till this moment, no app screams live like IMO. It is real-time to a fault. Instead of the typing or… is writing a message indications that you get from various apps, IMO shows exactly what the other person is typing as they are typing ’em.
There’s more: on IMO you do not get the usual emojis as those are almost always a long press away on your virtual keyboards. What you get in their stead are fun stickers and they are all free. Also, there’s a free hand tool: imagine the chills that would run down your spine when bae sends I love you hand-written.
It has got the features of your darling apps: WhatsApp, BBM, Skype et al, with its own unique features and feel, all wrapped in one–without the ribbon tho as it seeks to add more lovable features, I guess. All of these for 6.11MB? I agree, it is too good to be true.

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